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How to Prep Your Holiday Facebook Campaigns

Published: October 11, 2012

Author: Dennis Yu

As you saw 3 weeks ago, Facebook cut organic exposure for most pages in the newsfeed. At the same time, they increased ad inventory via newsfeed ad units, search listings, and even notifications. The new Facebook Gifts are driving direct revenue, potentially competing with your vertical.
So here’s how to adjust, in time for the holidays.
Bump up your newsfeed ads (in Power Editor, if you have access, select the newsfeed placement). Target fans and set the budget at 50 cents per day for every thousand fans. (So if you have 20,000 fans, you need a $10 daily budget.) Select a page post ad with the option of automatically choosing the most recent post, and make sure you are posting daily.

Why 50 cents? Newsfeed placements are between $3 to $5 in the US, so this will ensure you get decent newsfeed coverage to replace what you lost. If you have international traffic, adjust proportionally. Same with if your post frequency is lower.
Now run sponsored results ads, which are Facebook search ads. This is the one time you can perhaps leverage your Google AdWords ads. (Note: you have only 70 characters in one line, not 35 characters across two lines plus headline.) Target your competitors and related brands. If you have a strong holiday offer, this is where to use it, especially if you have a landing tab (now called app) on Facebook. Yes, you should always select your landing tab as the default.

Now set retargeting on your Facebook tabs, using Google remarketing, retargeting.com, or your favorite. Ideally, your landing tab is collecting email or driving a strong offer. But if not, at least you can cookie these users for later.
Even if you don’t have your creatives or offer ready, you should still drive that traffic now. It often takes multiple exposures to drive the conversion, so influence them now for gift giving later. Plus, most marketers wait to blitz users on Black Friday and beyond. Don’t be a sucker. Connect with your audience now, when it’s a lot cheaper.
Holiday traffic has gotten increasingly expensive each of the last 6 years on Facebook. I remember when we had penny clicks at a 5 cent CPM back then, whereas now general marketplace ads are about 50 cents (depending on your targeting) and perhaps a dollar a click (if your ad is for conversion, as opposed to engagement).
Last tip: always piggyback your other marketing channels. If your company is running TV ads in a particular market, make sure you use the same creative at the same time on Facebook. You get higher CTR during that time frame, since the other media is doing the work for you at the top of the funnel (the Awareness in the AIDA funnel).
Let me know how your holiday campaign prep is going by going to fb.com/blitzmetrics and posting your questions on the wall. (This is one benefit of reading fbppc.com – you can get advice from a range of pros without having to pay their rates!)
– Dennis Yu

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