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How to Get Started with Bing’s New Action Extensions

Published: May 2, 2019

Author: Drew Lambert

At the start of April, Bing rolled out a new ad extension format known as Bing Action Extensions. The new action extension feature allows you to select from 70 predefined calls-to-action ranging from “Learn More” to “Order Now” to display a prominent call-to-action button next to the sponsored ad copy. Action extensions can be set at the Account, Campaign, or Ad Group level, with a limit of 20 action extensions per level. The more granular level will take precedent, so if you have action extensions set at the campaign and ad group level, the ad group level extensions will display.
This type of ad extension is only available on Bing for the time being. Advertisers should take advantage of Bing’s newest extension rollout and easy setup as an opportunity to drive improved click-through and conversion rates.


Once you have signed in to the Bing UI, follow the below steps to set up your own action extensions.
Step 1: Select the Ad Extensions tab at the top of the page. Determine if you would like to set up the extension at the Account, Campaign, or Ad Group level. From there, expand the Ad Extension drop-down and select Action Extensions.

Step 2: Select “Create ad extension” to create a new action extension. Then select “+Add a new Action Extension”.

Step 3: At this point you will be prompted to choose your language, action text, and final URL options. If you do not select a final URL, the action extension will default to the final URL of the ad. With 70 action texts to choose from, you should have an option that aligns well with the needs of your account.
You can also customize your action extension URL for tracking purposes and even schedule when people can view the action extension.
Step 4: Once you save your action extension, it will appear in the available action extensions box. From here, you can organize your available action extensions and your selected/active action extensions.


Shoutout to Bing for leading the pack with this new ad extension! As you can see, the action extension is quick and easy to set up and will hopefully have an immediate impact on account click-through and conversion rates.

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