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If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately, you might have noticed a few different posts about Unpublished Page Posts and all of the cool ways you can use them to enhance your Facebook marketing.

One thing that I’ve had trouble tracking down, however, is a clear guide on how to actually make these posts. Today, I’m here to solve that problem.

The first thing you’ll need to do, if you haven’t already, is download the Power Editor from the Chrome store. Open the Power Editor by creating a fresh Chrome tab and selecting the icon. Then, click the download button and get the necessary data for the accounts you wish to create the Unpublished Page Posts for – note that you’ll need to be an administrator on the Page you wish to create Unpublished Page Posts for.

Next, you need to select the drop-down-menu in the top left; select ‘Manage Pages’.

manage facebook pages

This will show you all the posts for whichever page you select from the left-hand sidebar. In order to create an Unpublished Page Post, select the ‘Create Post’ button.

create Facebook post

Next, simply create your post as you would for your page. You can upload an image, attach a video, and do anything else you would do with a normal Page post, sans tagging other Pages or users.

unpublished post create

Once you’ve completed your post, click the ‘Create Post’ button, and voila! It will appear in the list of posts you’ve created with a ‘moon’ icon next to it, signifying that it’s unpublished.

facebook posts list

Now you can copy that posts ID to use for Page Post ads or other ad types. If you decide you want to go ahead and post it, simply highlight the post and select ‘Publish Post’ from the menu to push it out to your normal Page audience.

And that’s it! You’ve learned how to create Unpublished Page Posts. Now you can start using them for split testing, special offer ads, and more.

What do you think of Unpublished Page Posts – incredibly useful or incredibly useless?