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One of the keys to making a successful “website conversions” Facebook campaign is to convince people to leave Facebook and convert on your website. Even if your ads lead to a smooth user experience, it can be pretty expensive to get someone to click on an ad just to fill out a form to subscribe for updates or join your brand’s email list. 

Facebook, in their never-ending quest to make the user experience stronger, has started testing a new mobile lead-gen ad unit. What’s great about this unit is that the user never has to leave Facebook! In many cases, they don’t even have to enter in their own information; Facebook will auto-fill it. This is hugely significant for mobile users who don’t have time for long form fills.

This new unit has rolled out to select advertisers and should be opening up to the broader audience in the near future. Across almost all accounts, we see lower CPCs and higher CTRs and CVRs — and that’s in comparison to mobile’s generally low CPCs and high CTRs.


We advise you to keep a very, very sharp eye out for accessibility to this ad type. It’ll require the usual testing to optimize its capabilities, but the combination of cost-effective performance and ease of user adoption should be music to your campaign’s ears.