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If you’ve noticed some new custom audience options in your Facebook account lately, it’s because Facebook has opened up new targeting that allows advertisers to retarget users based on engagements with the advertisers’ Facebook pages. We’ll explore that, plus a couple of other recent Custom Audience enhancements, in this post.

First, the new Custom Audience targeting feature includes options to retarget based on just about any page-related action: visits, engagements, messages, saved pages/posts, etc.

There are a few ways you can use this:

  • retarget those who have engaged with the brand but are not yet a customer/lead
  • create direct targets for engagement-based objectives, and for Lookalikes with engagement objectives (boosted posts, branding initiatives)
  • create lookalikes from call-to-action button clickers (ensure CTA buttons are only on ads, and not page posts or engagement-driven posts during the time frame you build seed audience from)
  • create sponsored message ads for retargeting those who have communicated with the brand via messages in the past

Another potentially powerful Custom Audience addition is video engagement audiences:

You can create video engagement audiences based on a percentage or length of time a user watched your video ads (and even specify which videos). With videos becoming more and more influential, this is an important feature to have at your disposal.

Facebook now offers several ways to create custom audiences based on web and app activity; this includes the newest time-spent variable:

Custom combinations can be powerful; they allow for multiple layers of segmentation based on web and app actions.

As always, advanced segmentations will help you get the most out of these features. Segment, test, adjust, and optimize…and have fun with these new controls.