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Custom Audience targeting (as noted by Dennis Yu many months ago) is one of the single biggest advancements in Facebook ads in 2013. So we thought we’d pull some of the best literature on the subject to make sure you’re primed to capitalize.

First, a few guides to getting started:

– From AdEspresso

– From AdStage

You can also check out 3Q Digital’s webinar (guest-starring Dennis Yu).

There are a couple of blogs showcasing creative (maybe even a bit sneaky) ways to use the targeting:

– From Aaron Zakowski

– From Jake Hower

Take a deeper look into how custom and lookalike audiences can be used.

It’s really changing the way we advertise online.

If you want to know if it works before you get started, here are a few results posts:

-From Tech Crunch

-From Nanigans

Lastly, before you kick up your targeting, are you making sure you’re not violating the terms of service? Jon Loomer can help you figure it out.