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I started this blog because I felt that too many other blogs simply re-posted news stories without commentary or analysis. And the one type of “news story” that annoys me the most is what I call the “Google Sneezes” story.

Basically, if Google does anything, many bloggers feels compelled to write about it. For example, if Google built a new volleyball court at the Googleplex, this would definitely be blogged about on many prominent blogs.

I think there is a psychological aspect to this sort of ‘reporting’; when a blogger “breaks” news about a happening at Google, the blogger feels a sense of closeness to Google, and a sense of self-importance for knowing something about Google others don’t. It’s like getting an autograph from a celebrity – the autograph is proof that you were near that person, that for one moment in time, your path and their path crossed.

Going forward, I’ll occasionally add posts that call out these ridiculous “Google-love” articles. Trust me, I could do it full-time if I wanted to.

Without further ado, this week’s “Google Sneezes” stories:

Search Engine Watch: Google Sending Out AdSense Holiday Gifts (I also heard Google is sending out holiday invoices which are about 4500X more expensive than whatever their $35 holiday gift is).

John Battelle’s Searchblog: Google Hits $500 (Um, do I need to read a blog to figure this one out? Anyone ever heard of

JenSense: Video from the AdSense Booth at SES San Jose (Stop the press! Google owns video cameras, and they filmed me!).

Matt Cutts: Google vs. Yahoo at Sports (This is a pre-emptive Google Sneezes story. I expect many blogs to cover this breaking news about Matt Cutts’ bowling skillz).