Google Sneezes, Part #2

Published: January 20, 2007

Author: David Rodnitzky

The front page of the San Francisco Chronicle business section, as well as several prominent search blogs, has this breaking news: Google to Launch Data Center in North Carolina. I don’t recall ever seeing this much publicity around, say, United Airlines opening a maintenance center, or even Yahoo opening a regional office. But because Google launched the data center, it makes the news.

I think the best job in the world has to be working for Google PR. In fact, if Google wants to save some money, I have a novel idea: fire the PR team and create a simple “Mad Libs” program that spews out new press releases every day. Here’s an example of how it would work. Let’s say Google launches an application, like Google Calendar. The system uses a template to create a press release in seconds:

“Google today announced an (positive adjective) initiative to provide new (any technology related phrase) to the people of (geographic region). The free service – launched in beta – will be available via invitation only by (three months from today).

The service will revolutionize (aging service industry). To support this effort, Google plans to hire (number) new employees in (impoverished geographic location with good tax breaks and no concept of stock options).

Google CEO Eric Schmidt remarked, “We are proud to be (positive verb) people find information easily and efficiently with the launch of (product name).”

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