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Google review ad extensions: why you need to use them

Published: May 21, 2014

Author: Nick Avram

Running paid search campaigns in Google? Let’s easily increase your overall CTR on all of your ads! This can be accomplished with the implementing of Google review ad extensions.
Most advertisers include some form of ad extensions within their ads; the most commonly used are sitelinks. Sitelinks are a great way to include additional links (and useful information) underneath your ad that can drive traffic to different areas of your website and take up more retail space on the SERP (search engine results page). However, since most advertisers have adopted the use of sitelinks, they tend to be scrolled over with the rest of the “clutter” or unwanted ads displayed on the SERP.
So how do we entice people to not only read our ads but also click on them? Simple: we include a credible third-party source with a quote (exact or paraphrased) and link to the review/article from the site covering your company/service. In the digital era, it has become more and more important to receive credible reviews or published articles about your company and the product or services it provides. Anyone can have a company website/app, but how do consumers determine which ones to use? They do research and read reviews.
The beauty of review ad extensions is that they’re located directly under your active ads (underneath the sitelinks) with the included quote and the credible news source (click-able link to the article/review of the third-party site). Here is an image example from https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2375499?hl=en:
ad extensions
When we added this feature to ads in one of our accounts, we saw a 7.82%increase in click-through-rate across the board in the first week of testing! One of the great features of the review ad extension is that it can be applied to specific campaigns or ad groups if you want to limit testing to a small portion of the AdWords account.
Here are a few key things to keep in mind (taken from the AdWords feature page) if you want to start testing review ad extensions and get approved:

Use accurate and current reviews

It’s important that the quote or paraphrase accurately represents a current source. Here are the requirements:

-The review’s content should be visible in the text on the source page.
-The tone and content of the review must match the original source.
-Ellipses (…) should be used to show missing words or phrases.
-Exact quotes and paraphrased reviews must reflect the overall content of the source page.
-A periodic award should mention the time period (such as yearly).
-Reviews should not be more than 12 months old.

Use a credible, third-party source

Reviews must be from credible, third-party sources, and you’re responsible for ensuring that you have permission to use the reviews in your ads (if permission is necessary).

Use unique, substantive reviews

Reviews must not duplicate content that’s already in ads and must give potential customers an idea of what it’s like to use the service or business. The following are not allowed:

-Reviews of particular locations, stores, or franchises
-Mere descriptions of products or services (since reviews should highlight something special, such as an award or accolade)
-Review text that repeats the source’s or advertiser’s name or other content already in the ad

If conversion tracking is set up in your account, AdWords will track when the review extension clicks convert (from the third-party website) to your website! One thing to keep in mind: when reviewing performance, make sure to select “click-type” within the “segment” option to see the breakout of the review extension clicks vs. all clicks. Make sure to use a credible or popular third-party source, which will entice consumers to click more often.
Good luck!

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