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Get to know Diego Rovira, Sr. Director of Client Services at 3Q Digital

Published: November 4, 2015

Author: 3Q Digital


Take some time to get to know Diego Rovira, Sr. Director of Client Services at 3Q Digital, who works out of our San Francisco office (and was one of the founding members of our San Diego office). Diego is a former semi-pro soccer player and surfing enthusiast.


What’s the first metric you check when you start the day? 

Conversions and CPA over last 30 days. Find the trends and start digging.

What’s one metric you rarely bother to check? 

View-throughs (unless it’s 1 day) or AdWords estimated cross device conversions. I just don’t trust it.

If you had $10M to personally invest, which marketing platform or technology would you invest in, and why? 

Virtual reality; it’s the future.

What is your favorite advertising campaign? 

I loved the Dollar Shave Club’s first viral video. I also hate paying $30 bucks on razors, so I’m glad they disrupted Gillette’s industry.

What’s one marketing lesson you wished you had learned earlier? 

Be concise and to the point when talking to executives.

What one quality do you think is most important in successful digital marketers today

Using data to back up your recommendations and always always explain the WHY. Not really a specific quality and a rather simple concept, but I still see people make this mistake.

What is your favorite thing to brag about at 3Q? 

How the majority of the leadership all started as AMs, AAs, or interns.

Who is the unsung hero of your team? 

All our office managers; it’s a tough job trying to please digital marketers.

What’s the best part of your office?

The soothing construction noise.

Care to share your favorite spot to work from home? 
In my office.
What does 3Q’s culture mean to you? 
Trust. Gaining trust from your peers, managers and clients. Always continuing to improve and help others around you to make them better.
What advice do you have for someone who wants to work at 3Q?
Don’t think coming in this is just another 9-to-5 job. Everyone here is extremely driven, passionate about their work, and always asking for more.  To be successful here or really anywhere, in my opinion, you need to execute flawlessly and go above and beyond what is asked of you.
Which of 3Q’s core values is most important to you, and why?  
Owning it. Everyone I know who has been successful in their careers have owned and delivered everything thrown their way. 
If you had to switch offices, which office would you pick and why? 
San Diego for sure. It’s too cold in San Francisco.
What is your motivation to come into work every day? 
Aside from working with an amazing team. I love learning something new every day and continuously improving.
What has been your favorite perk item/activity? 
Bubble soccer.
What trips have you gone on/do you plan to go on with your unlimited PTO? 
I’ve been all around Europe, Central America, and a few places in South America. I would like to eventually make it over to New Zealand and Indonesia. 

 Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck? 

No question, 100 duck-sized horses. I’m quick.

Hot dogs or hamburgers? 
Burger dogs.
What is on your bucket list?  
Super classico at the Camp Nou and a 10-second barrel.
What is your favorite thing to do outside of work? 
Long walks on the beach listening to Kenny G.

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