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Get to Know Carl Paradiso, Director of Technology at 3Q Digital

Published: October 27, 2015

Author: 3Q Digital

carl and pam on the road

Get to know Director of Technology Carl Paradiso, a 3Qer from Chicago, IL.

What is your favorite thing to brag about at 3Q?  

We have a culture of trust when it comes to where and when I work.  As long as I’m productive and get my work done, it can be at home, at the office, on the L, or at a café.   I can take a break in the afternoon if my brain is fried, refresh myself at the gym, and then get the work done better and faster in the evening.   

Who is the unsung hero of your team?  

Takeshi.  He keeps this company running and makes it look so effortless that I don’t think people realize how hard he works and how much he challenges himself to excel.

What’s the best part of the Chicago office?

The Art Deco lobby is elegant and perfectly preserved, and the building is an excellent example of towering 20th-century American architecture.  I’m proud to walk into the building every day. 

Care to share your favorite spot to work from home? 

Carl's Home Office

I’ve got a dedicated office at home that I love being in and, when I’m done with work, can easily walk out of and shut the door on.

Which of 3Q’s core values is most important to you, and why?  

Own it.  I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t get irritated when they hear “No, that’s not my job,” yet I’ve worked at companies (not for long) where that attitude is acceptable.   We have a highly-motivated group of people who eagerly accept challenges and get them solved, even when it’s not strictly their job.  I’m also pleased that people who don’t own it don’t last long here.  Letting some people slide while others work hard is a sure-fire way to lose the hard-working ones.

If you had to switch offices, which office would you pick and why? 

San Diego since I had lived there before moving to Chicago and I’m starting to get tired of the winters.

What is your motivation to come into work every day?    

I get paid to solve problems and build things with smart and fun people in a bunch of cool cities.   What more could I need?

What has been your favorite perk item/activity?   

In Chicago, the lakefront cruise and the trolley ride through town have been my favorites – great ways to get to know the people I work with better.  And the SF office has hands-down the best selection of snacks, coffee, and beer!

What trips have you gone on/do you plan to go on with your unlimited PTO?  

Since I’ve been at 3Q, I’ve been able to take epic trips to Cambodia and Thailand, Istanbul, and Hawaii and I’m headed to South Africa and Botswana in October.  Unlimited PTO is a great way to improve on the meager standard American vacation allotment while keeping workers productive and accountable for what they have to accomplish at their jobs.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work? 

Road trips.  So far, the American West is the best place to get on the road and escape, but I think Alaska and Australia would be close contenders.


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