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Get the Lowdown from the Bing Ads Connect Tour

Published: November 12, 2015

Author: Ashley Mo

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Last week, Bing made a stop in the Windy City as part of its Bing Ads Connect tour. A couple of 3Qers made it out to the event and got to hear about Bing’s product roadmap, learn a few tricks, and walk away with some cool new swag! Here’s what’s next for Bing as well as some key takeaways from the event.

Bing Has Momentum; What’s Next?

Bing’s search volume is increasing, especially with Cortana’s integration into Windows 10. Since July, over 31% of search queries in Windows 10 have come through Cortana. Voice search queries from Windows 10 have more words than Bing Ads historical averages (1-3 words). Bing has seen year-over-year growth in question phrases.
Given its changing relationship with Yahoo, Bing plans on moving into the publisher space. In less than 2 months, Bing will release: support for Upgraded URLs and Native Ads in Bing Ads Editor; image extensions that display 1 or 3 images to help your ads take up more real estate; and multi-account bulk sheet management. Will we ever see a Bing Ads Editor for Mac? According to Bing reps, “Watch the news in the next few weeks.”

Key Takeaways

Shopping Campaigns

It’s super-easy to convert Product Ad Campaigns under the Tools tab in Bing. All of your product ad attributes (labels, grouping, SKU) will be converted to custom labels. Take advantage of Rich Captions to enhance your organic listings for free with information such as price and availability. Consider trying broad match keywords, as 30% of daily searches are new.

Mobile & Local

Local searches from smartphones are outpacing PC across age groups, up to 55+. Consumers expect locations to be within 5 miles of their location. According to Bing, sitelink, call, and location extensions generate the highest click-through rates.


Take advantage of Bing’s customer-level attribution across all your campaigns and accounts. If you have the ability, consider placing remarketing pixels on other websites that sell to the same audience. Since you can’t exclude audiences just yet, bid down lists by -90%. Avoid creepiness by not being too specific in ad copy and using a helpful tone.

Marginal ROI

Figure out your marginal ROI, the increase in revenue predicted from an increase in spending. As more publishers and channels appear, understanding which channels have your highest marginal ROI is becoming increasingly important. Using a 3rd-party tool like Kenshoo can help you understand which publishers have the best potential.

Bing Ads Intelligence

Use Bing Ads Intelligence to get keyword suggestions with real query data. You can also create bulk sheets immediately ready for upload. Looking at Keyword Categories and Webpage Keywords can help you reverse engineer any Quality Score issues you might have. With the Excel Solver plugin, you can even calculate the optimal daily budget for your campaigns.

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