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We’re almost out of January…what better time to make sure your accounts are full speed ahead for the rest of 2015?

A few months ago when restructuring an account, we ran into the issue of building out keyword sets for our Broad/Broad Match Modified campaigns without doubling up on tokens that were out of order but would essentially match to the same query (+Fancy +Red +Shoes and +Red +Fancy +Shoes).

These keywords, if built out in the same account, campaign, or ad group, would potentially compete with each other and could possibly increase CPCs depending on the type of volume you see in your account.

A quick and easy way to audit and clean up your keywords is to create a user-defined function within Excel. To create a user-defined function, open up Visual Basic for Excel (Alt + F11):


Looks complex, but don’t be intimidated! Click Insert > Module, and in the window that prompts you, paste the Function in the following text doc: mysort function.

Once you have pasted in the function, you can close out of Visual Basic. From there, click on a cell and type ‘=MySort’ and select the cell you would like to apply the alphabetical sort within the cell too.


From there, you can create a simple IF statement to identify duplicate keywords and edit/pause/delete them.


This cleanup tip will help prevent your keywords from competing against one another and start the New Year off right for your Paid Search accounts. Happy 2015!