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Google is a powerhouse when it comes to search engine marketing, but it can also sometimes be a headache for marketers who value transparency and automation. Google has famously gone back and forth on granting access to the keywords users search to find and then visit websites. Recently, more automated campaigns, such as Universal App Campaigns (UAC), have become the latest victims of reduced transparency. There is no current way in the AdWords UI to view the search queries utilized when viewers are shown UAC campaigns.

So how can we gain insight into our UAC campaigns? Try our workaround via Google Analytics!

Step 1: Make sure your AdWords account is linked to your Google Analytics account.

Instructions can be found here: Link/Unlink AdWords and Analytics

Step 2: Go to the Acquisition menu in Google Analytics and select the AdWords section:

Step 3: Select the Search Queries option from the AdWords drop-down:

Step 4: Add a secondary dimension for campaign:

Step 5: Add an advanced filter for your UAC naming convention:

Step 6: Get your search queries!

Example anonymized for privacy

Give our workaround a try and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!