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Five Tips to Increase EdgeRank on Facebook

Published: February 22, 2013

Author: Marc Levesque

facebook edgerankFacebook’s EdgeRank is as controversial an item as Facebook functionality (or non-functionality, depending on the person discussing it) can be. While Pages have allowed brands and marketers to reach out to a vast group of individuals in a setting that allows for a great deal of engagement, the EdgeRank functionality of Facebook has largely served to… give Facebook the means to get more people to pay for ads.
Many marketers are miffed about this, and rightly so. Though it rests under the guise of something that is meant to encourage Page managers to be more effective, we all know that the truth is that it is meant to be a means for Facebook to create more revenue. If people are not reaching enough of their fans, they can simply pay for that option.
So, when you do reach your fans on Facebook, it is incredibly important that the content you’re sending them is actually going to engage them. Here are five tips to help you increase your EdgeRank and reach more Facebook fans.
Use Images
Like every other form of advertising, you’re out here to win the attention of your target audience. The more real estate you take up in space, the better for having people see it. Images on Facebook get a lot more real estate, and they tend to attract more attention than text posts.
Include a link with your images or, at the very least, a link to the page you want people to visit on the image. Make sure your images speak to your audience. Give them something funny, engaging, informational, or just plain entertaining. As a result, they’ll be a lot more likely to share your images with their friends, giving you the added exposure you need.
Ask For Stories
Everyone loves to share their experience, and people, for whatever reason, love to have their stories shared on social media. It’s a point of personal pride for an individual who shares something with a brand, then has that story shared by the brand with the rest of their followers.
They’ll create content for you, and by sharing it, you’re allowing your followers to see what real people have to say about what you’re doing. You can be assured that those whose stories you share will be sharing that with their friends.
“Like or Share if…”
Chances are that your follower base can come to agreement on at least a couple of things. Post updates that give them the opportunity to Like or Share your post if they agree. The more liking and sharing you get, the better your EdgeRank becomes, allowing you to reach a higher percentage of your audience as it climbs.
Ask Questions
Everyone has an opinion, and we’ve all seen how much people love to share that opinion on Facebook. Asking your audience a question gets them engaged in the discussion and keeps you in their minds. The more replies you get, again, the better your EdgeRank becomes.
Use a Call to Action
Don’t forget to call the people you’re reaching through your updates to action. And don’t ask; tell. Tell them to “Click this link to…” or “Read this story…” The psychology of calls to action was established as far back as the time of the first radio and TV ads, and we know that people will respond better to being told than asked. Give them a good reason to perform the action, and then go ahead and tell them what to do.
– Marc Levesque

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