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Five Metrics for Tracking Display Video Ads

Published: March 21, 2016

Author: Kourtney Cole

When launching a campaign, determining KPIs and metrics should be easy, right? I need to drive more revenue, or we have a new product and I need to get customers to sign up. Wrong! Although this may appear to be a simple goal, getting to this point could be a bit challenging.
The ultimate goal is very essential to all stakeholders, of course – but how do you get the consumer to initially interact with your brand? With the millions of brand names and products available, achieving the ultimate goal of having the consumer even consider your brand is a tough mountain to climb.
So where does one marketer begin? Is it as simple as launching a Search campaign? Possibly layer in Social and Display first to gain “high-funnel” visibility? Yes, although not exactly. All the non-brand terms, competitive conquesting, and display ads in the world won’t make a consumer fully aware of your brand. Yes, maybe they’ve seen your ad on Facebook, their weekly gossip site or in their recent Google search. But does that make them fully aware; do they know who you are? No, it does not – and that, my friend, is where branding and video ads come into play!
Display video ads can be based around building brand awareness. For example, I saw this video ad, therefore I am now aware of that brand or product. However, how exactly do we measure that, or prove its value to invest more in that campaign? Defining a successful brand campaign is a bit obscure and varies from brand to brand, or even campaign to campaign.
Here are five key metrics every advertiser should consider when launching a brand video campaign:

1. Brand Recall

This allows advertisers to measure the effectiveness of a video campaign. The best way to measure brand recall is to conduct an online brand lift study to determine the increase in awareness of your brand among people who saw your ad and those who did not. Suggested brand lift study partners are Nielsen and ComScore.

2. Branded Search

While your video campaign is running, advertisers should see an uplift in branded search terms from Google or Bing. Although the uplift in branded search terms might not turn into conversions right away, consumers are showing and interesting in the brand, demonstrating the validity of your video campaign efforts.

3. Direct Website Traffic

An advertiser’s web analytics tools should demonstrate an increase in traffic during the length of your video campaign. Quick tip: keep an eye out for key custom takeover days. Those days and the following days should show a dramatic spike in website traffic.

4. Completion Rates

These typically determine the number of plays that have reached 100% completion. Ideally, we’d love to see this number as close to 100% as possible, but industry average hovers around 60-70%.

5. Video Shares

As social media continues to evolve, so does one’s willingness to share video across platforms.  If an advertiser’s video is engaging enough to share, it can be viewed as consumers assisting with the heavy lifting. Hey, who doesn’t love free advertising? In addition, shares will show what sites are most friendly for your specific content. Be cognizant of video sharing’s impact, but remember: just because your video wasn’t shared does not necessarily mean your video did not have an impact on a consumer. When looking at video shares, it is essential to layer on other key metrics as well.
Taking a look at these key metrics will help make it easier to measure the success of your video campaign. Although conversions are important they don’t make up the full picture. Try and look at the full customer journey and not only get customers to purchase once, but come back multiple times.

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