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Five Easy PPC Pieces

Published: February 18, 2014

Author: Todd Mintz

Jack Nicholson
Once upon a time, I rewrote an old personal blog post for the 3QDigital blog.  I think it worked pretty well, so I’m going to do it again.
If you’re like me, you can never remember where you left your keys, but you might remember the littlest stories from decades ago.  With the added maturity that my years have given me, I’m able to overlay my current insights into some of my past actions and recognize a personal character trait that I’ve honed and developed in a manner that serves me well in the present.
During college, a bunch of friends and I went to see the masterful Jack Nicholson film “Five Easy Pieces” that was screening on campus. We were all film buffs and reasonably intellectual, so as we watched the film, we analyzed this most amazing work of art. One of the obvious questions not apparently answered by the film was how it got its title.
In a brainstorm the next day, I was able to figure it out in an amazing “duh” moment.
I saw one of my friends the next day who attended the film with me and asked him what he thought the title meant? I think he responded that he wasn’t sure but it likely had some biblical allusion.
No, I said. The meaning of the title was really quite simple. In the introductory credits that flashed on the screen just for just the briefest moment was a list of 5 classical music pieces that were featured in the movie. Those were the “5 Easy Pieces” alluded to in the movie title.

5 easy pieces credits

In my time at 3QDigital, I’ve worked on a large number of accounts…all containing different quirks and complexities that needed to be overcome so that the client can attain the maximum ROI.  We have a well-defined process for account management (that you can read about elsewhere on this website) and our process improves client paid search results.  However, frequently it takes more than just process to take an account to a higher place.
My most rewarding paid search experiences involve taking disparate elements that I’ve picked up in my client relationships (that frequently have nothing to do with the actual paid search metrics that I’m managing) and combining them in an actionable way that pushes the account forward in a manner that a pure “numbers-cruncher” PPC Manager would miss.  When we are able to control the paid search conversation, we can definite its terms and if when we bring other elements of business and marketing into the discourse, we broaden our value to our clients and become the holistic consultants we aspire to be and not one-trick ponies.
Now, I’m off to ingest some “Tough Love”, watch a classic film, and think about how I can improve my accounts…

5 easy pieces

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