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All right, all right. So Team Max CPC (the PPC Associates Chicago office) won the inaugural Fitbit ROI Challenge. It’s not like they got a treadmill or anyth…oh, wait. Yeah, they won a treadmill.

And even the toughest San Mateo competitors, their Fitbit Ultras battered and their legs weary, will admit the Chicago office earned it. Behind Laura (one MILLION steps) Rodnitzky, Melissa Bregar, Kristin Kopp, Sean Nowlin, Jaime Sikora (second in steps this week in the closest tally yet) and team captain Brittni Hamman, among other worthies, the Maxers won every single week of the challenge — and covered themselves in 10K glory to boot.

If you like data, you’re in for a treat; we’re listing the overall Challenge standouts along with the usual weekly totals. Without further ado…

Overall Challenge bests:

Steps taken:

1. Rodnitzky, Chicago, 1,010,889

2. Bregar, Chicago, 913,321

3. Monica Madrigal, San Mateo, 879,582

4. Kopp, Chicago, 804,934

5. Hillary Read, San Mateo, 761,365

Miles traveled:

1. Bregar, Chicago, 465.13

2. Rodnitzky, Chicago, 453.47

3. Madrigal, San Mateo, 452.91

4. Kopp, Chicago, 430.07

5. Read, San Mateo, 428.11

Active Score:

1. Rodnitzky, Chicago, 90,019

2. Madrigal, San Mateo, 83,369

3. Bregar, Chicago, 81,439

4. Brittni Hamman, Chicago, 69,754

5. Kopp, Chicago, 63,129

Individual weekly bests:

Steps taken:

1. (by a nose) Rodnitzky, Chicago, 135,651

2. Sikora, Chicago, 135,644

3. Bregar, Chicago, 126,934

4. Kopp, Chicago, 101,180

5. Hillary Read, San Mateo, 94,550

Miles traveled:

1. Sikora, Chicago, 64.74

2. Rodnitzky, Chicago, 60.94

3. Bregar, Chicago, 60.14

4. Kopp, Chicago, 56.69

5. Read, San Mateo, 52.08

Active Score:

1. Rodnitzky, Chicago, 12,880

2. Sikora, Chicago, 9,025

3. Gordon Khoo, San Mateo, 8,030

4. Kopp, Chicago, 7,481

5. Bregar, Chicago, 7,126

Most improved:


Chicago: Sikora, +45,646

San Mateo: Khoo, +27,003


Chicago: Sikora, +25.15

San Mateo: Khoo, +14.73

Active Score:

Chicago: Sikora, +1,737

San Mateo: Calvin Yu, +2,271

The weekly numbers, by office:

Average steps/participant:

Chicago: 54,443

San Mateo: 35,345

Average miles/participant:

Chicago: 26.49

San Mateo: 18.38

Average active score/participant:

Chicago: 4,160

San Mateo: 3,481

What to watch for in the next¬†Fitbit ROI Challenge: “The next one?” you say, incredulously. Yup, the next one.

There will be scores to settle. Names to defend. Different metrics in play. And if you think we’re just splitting the teams by location again, you haven’t been paying attention. (Does anyone feel a draft? Because I feel a draft.)

Hillary Read, Marketing Manager