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Fitbit ROI Challenge recap – Week 3

Published: May 11, 2012

Author: Molly Shotwell

On the road to victory.

Laura Rodnitzky’s daily walk to and from the PPC Associates office in downtown Chicago takes her roughly 11,000 steps, so she figured she was a favorite to win some weekly titles in the Fitbit ROI Challenge. Then she started studying her Active Score.
“It made me realize how much of the day I was just sitting around and doing nothing,” said Rodnitzky, who is the company’s director of Change Management and the Chicago office’s general manager. “I wanted to change that.”
A little awareness, a LOT of competitiveness, and one forgotten under-desk cycle later, Rodnitzky emerged as the Challenge’s week 3 winner, thanks to top-ranked finishes in steps and active score.
“I bought the cycle a year ago, but it didn’t really fit under my desk, so I didn’t use it,” she said. “But after I realized I wasn’t winning, I started using it while I was talking on the phone and doing research — anything that didn’t require a lot of typing. I had to rearrange my keyboard, mouse, and monitors to get it to fit, but now it’s become such a habit that I don’t even notice while I’m doing it.”
Rodnitzky’s motivation, other than awareness of activity habits — “Everybody should look at their charts; it’s disturbing” (author’s chart here) — came in the form of San Mateo senior production manager (and this week’s mileage winner) Monica Madrigal, who set the bar in week 1 of the Challenge and has kept right on trucking.
The fittest Rodnitzky.

“As soon as I saw the first week’s numbers, I wanted to beat Monica,” said Rodnitzky, who added that she derives little motivation from a sibling rivalry with her brother, PPC Associates CEO David Rodnitzky. (“I’ve always been the most fit of the Rodnitzky children,” she said, presumably with a dismissive hand wave and a few extra pedals.)
Rodnitzky plans to keep up the cycling through the Challenge and beyond, which is great news for the Chicago office and should inspire more effort from the San Mateo office, which improved its stats for the second straight week but once again fell shy of its Second City colleagues.
The individual weekly best:
Weekly steps taken:
1. Rodnitzky, Chicago: 185,084
2. Madrigal, San Mateo: 172,154
3. Melissa Bregar, Chicago: 148,067
4. Brittni Hamman, Chicago: 145,984
5. Hillary Read, San Mateo: 131,742
Weekly miles traveled:
1. Madrigal, San Mateo: 94.65
2. Rodnitzky, Chicago: 81.29
3. Read, San Mateo: 79.34
4. Bregar, Chicago: 79.09
5. Hamman, Chicago: 66.09
Weekly active score:
1. Rodnitzky, Chicago: 15,951
2. Madrigal, San Mateo: 15,473
3. Bregar, Chicago: 15,030
4. Hamman, Chicago: 14,339
5. Kristin Kopp, Chicago, 11,476
Most improved (over Week 2):
Steps: Rodnitzky, Chicago: +47,237
Miles: Hamman, Chicago: +25.20
Active score: Rodnitzky, Chicago: +4,338
The weekly numbers, by office:
Weekly average steps/participant (week 2 comp. in parentheses):
Chicago: 81,537 (+1,271)
San Mateo: 64,775 (+854)
Weekly average miles/participant (week 2 comp. in parentheses):
Chicago: 39.36 (-.30)
San Mateo: 33.11 (+2.04)
Weekly average active score/participant  (week 2 comp. in parentheses):
Chicago: 7,458 (+418)
San Mateo: 5,747 (+268)
What to watch in week 4:
Will Rodnitzky and Madrigal push each other over 200K steps? Will another dark horse (Melissa Bregar?) emerge? Will San Mateo close the gap? And…stop me if you’ve heard this before, but will a man crack any of the top five?
Hillary Read, Marketing Manager

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