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One week down in our Fitbit ROI (Return on Investment) Challenge, and all we can really conclude so far after Team Max CPC (Chicago office) edged Team USA (San Mateo office) is that the women of PPC Associates are way more competitive than the men. Really. (Skip to results below if you doubt it.) Oh, and that the Fitbit Ultra is one heck of a motivation tool.

Our individual week 1 champion.

Exhibit A on both counts: San Mateo-based senior production manager Monica Madrigal, who lapped the field in two of the three main categories (steps, miles, active score) despite suffering a debilitating leg injury last March that’s had her in and out of physical therapy since.

“Before the challenge, all I could do was bike,” said Madrigal, who still goes to p.t. twice a week. “I was too scared to try anything else. But since we got the Ultras, I’ve gotten way more confident. I can feel my leg getting stronger; it’s gotten a lot easier to walk up stairs.”

Madrigal’s back on the elliptical at the gym, but her secret weapon is her living-room treadmill, which her ultra-competitive husband imported from her parents’ house to help her climb the ranks and squeak out our weekly nod over Chicago office manager (and Fitbit ROI Challenge creator) Brittni Hamman.

Here are the week’s best individual performers (note, please, lofty proportion of females):

Weekly steps taken:

1. Madrigal, San Mateo: 150,432

2. Hamman, Chicago: 122,627

3. Hillary Read, San Mateo: 96,639

4. Laura Rodnitzky, Chicago: 90,975

5. Melissa Bregar, Chicago: 87,646

Weekly miles traveled:

1. Madrigal, San Mateo: 72.44

2. Hamman, Chicago: 55.21

3. Read, San Mateo: 48.33

4. Sean Nowlin, Chicago: 47.61

5. Liam Mbuthia, San Mateo: 42.18

Weekly active score:

1. Hamman, Chicago: 13,904

2. Madrigal, San Mateo: 13,431

3. Rodnitzky, Chicago: 8,947

4. Bregar, Chicago: 8,378

5. Heather Roddy Scott, Chicago, 7,841

Madrigal’s mammoth effort, however, wasn’t enough for the San Mateo office to overcome its Chicago colleagues. Team Max CPC (Chicago) out-averaged Team USA (San Mateo) in all three categories.

Gauntlets were thrown.

The numbers, by office:

Weekly average steps/participant taken:

Chicago: 62,306

San Mateo: 55,300

Weekly average miles/participant traveled:

Chicago: 29.57

San Mateo: 26.76

Weekly average active score/participant:

Chicago: 5,966

San Mateo: 5,049

What to watch in week 2:

Can San Mateo strike back? Can anyone catch Madrigal? Can the gentlemen of PPC Associates get a freaking move on? (I’m betting on two of the three to come through.)

Hillary Read, Marketing Manager