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Facebook’s News Feed Is Undergoing Major Renovations – Here’s What You Should Know

Published: July 31, 2019

Author: Brittin Burnworth

Changes are rolling out on August 16th to Facebook’s entire News Feed experience as a result of FB5, Facebook’s newly redesigned mobile News Feed, and they could have significant implications for advertisers. The reinvented mobile News Feed is geared toward a simplified experience for users to find what they need and access their most used features. 

For advertisers, this means re-thinking creative strategy based on these new requirements. We now have less space to communicate a written message at the user’s first glance, so your combination of creative and copy must play hand in hand to tell your story stronger than ever before. 
The most significant changes stem from new aspect ratio and text requirements in the mobile News Feed. 
Previously, we were able to take up a large area of real estate with 2:3 aspect ratio images or videos, and we could display up to 7 lines of text before being constrained by the “See More” button. 

2:3 aspect ratio creative is now being sunsetted for mobile, and Facebook will require the shorter, 4:5 size. Any larger legacy images will be masked to the new size after the August 16th deadline. 

Marketers previously had the luxury of being able to showcase as many as 7 lines of text before being trimmed by the “See More” button; another change with the new mobile News Feed experience now limits us to 3. When drafting copy, consider this new requirement to prioritize your most important callouts within the first 3 lines of text.
Tips to prepare for this switch:

  • Be sure you have options to switch out any 2:3 aspect ratio images or videos to avoid any awkward crops.
  • If you are running longer copy variations, consider testing versions with 3 lines or fewer. This way, your entire message is communicated without clicking “See More.”
  • With limited lines of text, think of ways to adjust your creative to communicate what you may have previously included in your ad description

We’ll be sure to post best practices as we develop them within this new structure, so check back to make sure your ads are optimized going forward.

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