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UPDATE: To learn more about Facebook ad types check out our 2017 Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising


While Lead Generation ads are not the newest ad type to be rolled out by Facebook, they certainly have their benefits. If you’re sending your users to a landing page to fill out a form, whether it’s for a whitepaper or to sign up for a webinar, it’s worth testing lead gen ads – which keep the user on Facebook and make for a less disruptive experience –  against your traditional ads. (If creating these ads is completely new to you, check out our tips to make the most of lead gen ads.)

Here’s what they look like (in mobile and desktop layouts):

Over the course of a month, we tested lead gen ad against our traditional ad using the same audience, budget, creative, ad copy, and CTA. Our lead gen ad contained the same fields that users would fill out if they were to hit our traditional landing page.

After a month, these were our final results:

Unsurprisingly, we saw that the traditional ad had a 19% stronger CPC. However, the lead gen ad swept the floor with the traditional ad across all other metrics. Click-through rate saw a 91% increase, conversion rate doubled, and cost per acquisition decreased by 20%.

It’s clear that lead gen ads can certainly give your CTRs and CVRs a boost if you’re seeing them struggle with traditional ads, especially if the landing page for your traditional ad is not very mobile-friendly.

While the pros for lead gen ads seem apparent, they do not come without their cons, particularly in lead quality. If you’re focusing on delivering assets to your customers or getting in contact with them, lead gen ads are certainly worth the test; just make sure you’re using everything at your disposal (options outlined here) to pre-qualify the leads you’re bringing in.

Have you tested lead gen ads for your business? Let us know what results you saw!