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Instagram (now a part of Facebook) isn’t the only one listening to user feedback. Recently Facebook has started sending out Surveys to advertisers, asking them about their experience on the ads platform.

FB Listening

The survey consisted of around 20 questions, mostly select the best answers and fill in the blank. Examples included: What other advertising platforms are you using (AdWords/FBX/etc.)? What could Facebook improve so that you would spend more money it – see more value in using Facebook Ads? Would you recommend Facebook Ads to a friend? How easy is it to create Facebook Ads? Are you using the Power Editor?

At the end of the survey, a message popped up saying I’ll get my 75$ ad coupon in the mail (that is NOT email) in around 2 weeks. Given that I’ve not really provided my real address on Facebook and I’ve also recently moved, I’m quite curious to see what comes of this – I’ll report back once I have the coupon. Hopefully it won’t be the spend X to get Y – the AdWords coupon model.

I think it’s definitely a step in the right direction, especially in the current climate, when people are doubting the validity of their fans and the power of their posts’ reach. What do you guys think? Is this part of something bigger? Bigger even than that Whatsapp acquisition?