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Facebook recently released a split testing feature that allows you to test different versions of your ad or ad sets within your existing campaigns without having to create a campaign specifically for split testing. The split test feature will divide your audience into non-overlapping groups, which helps ensure that the test is conducted fairly and that each ad set is given a fair and equal chance in the auction. It fills a need advertisers have lacked for years in the Facebook platform.

Getting Started

To begin, simply duplicate an existing ad set and pick the below option:

Once complete and launched, the ad sets running the split test will be indicated with the icon below:

Variables You Can Test

  • Delivery Optimizations
  • Target Audience
  • Placements
  • Creative
  • Products Sets

Ideas to Split-Test

Optimization Events

  • Ad set optimizing for conversions vs. link clicks
  • Ad set optimizing for link clicks vs. landing page views
  • Ad set optimizing for view content conversion event vs. add to cart conversion event
  • Ad set optimizing for add to cart conversion event vs. value
  • Ad set optimizing for add to cart conversion event 7 day click / 1 day view vs. add to cart conversion event 1 day click or view


  • Lookalike audience based off of purchase pixel
  • Lookalike audience based off of Facebook pixel customer value
    • Note: this is a new feature where Facebook creates a lookalike based off of your high-value customers. It uses conversion events like purchase to dynamically identify these customers to create stronger-performing lookalikes.
  • Demographics: Men age 21-30 vs. men 31-40
  • Top 25% of site visitors last 30 days vs. last 30 day site visitors

Viewing Your Results

Once there is enough data to report on your test, you’ll receive a notification in Ads Manager. Facebook will help determine which test won and will provide you with a confidence level in the results. You can further look into the results of the test by clicking on “View Results”:

Happy split testing!