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Facebook Sanity Check

Published: September 9, 2013

Author: Dan Slagen

Time management

Worried about your campaign performance on Facebook? Has your campaign become stale?  When was the last time you thought about any of the following? What about all of the following working together to impact your overall campaign? The truth is, marketers rarely take the time to think about their campaigns from a strategic perspective, so bust out of your day-to-day grind for a few minutes and consider if any of the following could be beneficial to the success of your current campaign.

Overall Facebook Strategy:

-Customer definition(s)
-Look-a-like modeling (affinity)
-Custom audiences
-Methods to scale
-Tracking cohorts



-Description lines
-External links
-Calls to action



-Offline to Online



-Revenue from Fans
-ROI from fans


Post Click:

-User experience consistency (theme/tone/offers/value) from click to conversion
-Content and context
-Psychographic implications
-Neuro-marketing implications
-Analytics and site behavior
-Load time
-Bounce rates
-A/B & Multivariate testing
-Site engagement mechanisms…are they all working? Some better than others? –Why?



Campaign Planning & Expectations:

-Daily/monthly/quarterly/annual budget goal
-Daily/monthly/quarterly/annual lead goal
-Daily/monthly/quarterly/annual customer goal
-Daily/monthly/quarterly/annual revenue goal
-Daily/monthly/quarterly/annual ROI goal



-Day of week
-Hour of day
-Geo performance
-Campaign history
-Conversion rates
-Maturity curves
-Cohort analysis
-Lifetime value and ROI





FB Targeting (Relevancy) :

-Social status
-Etc…There are a ton of targeting combinations on FB



-Zip code


Customer service, retention and success:

-What is the customer service experience like?
-Do you talk to a live person?
-Is the person knowledgeable?
-How long did the phone ring before your call was answered?
-Did you wait on hold?
-Was the customer service rep friendly and helpful?
-Was the experience the same at 7 AM vs. 4 PM
-Was the experience the same on Wednesday as it was on Saturday?
-Did you receive a response email in a timely manner?
-Was the email helpful?
-Was the click to chat agent responsive and a real person? What was the experience like?
-Was the experience on the site similar to the customer service experience?
-From search query to customer service interaction, was the experience fluid & consistent?
-How does your customer retention strategy relate to marketing?


External marketing impact: Any changes to your…

-SEM/PPC campaign?
-Social? (off FB)
-Paid lead gen?
-Organic results?
-Offline marketing (TV/Print/Radio/Outdoor…etc)

Enough? Probably for now. While any list like this can be added to, it’s a good place to start if you’re feeling paralytic. If you think you’re covered  on all of them then great work, but a good way to think about what a perfectly targeted campaign looks like is as follows: every user is unique in their own way/shape/form. By that logic, each user should have their own unique experience from first impression to sale to lifetime value. Can you say that about your campaign? If not, then you have improvements waiting to be made.

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