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PerfectAudience was bought by Marin and the others are privately worried that advertisers will go direct. Google killed WildFire and most of the app guys got bought or have gone under.


Social ROI is cross-channel, my friend. Thus, you can expect Facebook to integrate more tightly with marketing automation companies, which include general email providers, too.


Think of marketing automation not as fancy email marketing, as it is today, but a rules engine that connects the CRM with the content management system.  So guys like Marketo and Infusionsoft are currently sending messages via email, but there’s no reason they can’t apply the same logic into display – especially all retargeting networks and social apps.


If you’re going to send a message to a user, triggered by some business logic, why not send that message across all channels you have tagged that user with?  Hit that particular user on email, Facebook, Google’s network, and wherever you have their userid.

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Facebook warned us at the last PMD Summit that we must provide unique value outside of features directly on top of Facebook. So while they’re not trying to kill Facebook analytics companies, Facebook ad tweaking companies, and the app ecosystem, you know they will have to build these cross-channel bridges to drive measurable ROI for their customers.


So if your strategy doesn’t include using Facebook and Google retargeting directly, in conjunction with wherever you are storing your business logic, your plumbing is broken.  Are you connecting your email, web, and social audiences together?


Don’t expect 3rd-party companies to get this done. Google and Facebook aren’t going to be friends any time soon.  Connect these up yourself– it’s not hard.