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oqfcfrg_Name: Clark Sioson

Title: Social Account Manager

Company: 3Q Digital

If you had 10 million dollars to invest and you could invest in Google or Facebook stock, which would you pick, and why?


Facebook. People knock it, but after a slow start from its IPO, the stock has been steadily increasing and at this point is better value than Google.

What do you think will be the most important marketing platform in 10


Cross-channel marketing. The company that is able to cleanly track from screen to 2nd screen to check out will win.

Which Social Networking platform has the most untapped potential for advertisers?

Instagram.Over 150M active users with almost no advertising.

What’s your favorite advertising campaign (e.g. Betty White Super

Bowl ad, Got Milk billboard, etc.)?

The K Swiss ad campaign when they hired the character Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down as their MF-CEO.

What are the most important qualities of a Facebook Ad campaign?

Eye-catching image. Clear and concise messaging.

If anything keeps me up at night worrying about my company, it’s…

Continuing to grow at a ridiculous pace, and forgetting our roots, and losing our small company feel.

What’s the one marketing lesson you wish you had learned earlier?

That you can never be too proactive.

If you could invest in one marketing technology company, which would it be and why?

I do not have a company in mind but something from search and social advertising. The search and social space will never go away.Marketers will always need to rely on this technology to optimize.

In three words or fewer: the future of Facebook is…?

Oculus Rift.