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Facebook Lookalike Audience Best Practices

Published: September 29, 2015

Author: Molly McCarty

Facebook Lookalike audiences are a great way to get your message to people who are like your customers (but aren’t your customers yet). This is the quick and dirty on lookalikes.

Seed audience recommendations

The “seed audience” is what you upload to Facebook; usually this is your database of customers or people who have engaged with your brand. This is the audience you’re trying to replicate with Lookalike Audiences.
Facebook recommends that you upload up to 50k users for your seed audience. 3Q recommends 10k-15k users, but we have seen success with as few as 1000 users.
Both 3Q and Facebook agree that quality of the seed audience is more important than quantity. If you start to see a natural drop off in quality, that is where you should cut your audience.
So bearing that in mind, which Lookalikes do we recommend?

Recommended Lookalike Audience types

Top Lifetime Value Audience

Top LTV audiences are usually a good lookalike to start out with for larger, broader campaigns. No additional demographics should be layered onto this lookalike (unless there is an audience that you absolutely cannot advertise to). For the top LTV audience, it’s ok to use general creative (as opposed to creative specific).

Geo-Specific Audiences

Depending on your product, geo-specific audiences sometimes make sense. You can set geo-specific audiences by country, state, or city level.
Facebook will recognize that all of your audience in the upload list is from the same geo. You will find that although not everyone in your lookalike audience is from that geo, there are more people in it than in your top LTV audience.
When you run ads with geo-specific audiences, you should use creatives specific to the geo.

Product-Specific Audience

If you sell multiple products, it’s a good idea to create lookalike audiences off of specific products that you are advertising for on Facebook.
It’s important when building the audience that you use purchasers and not page visitors. This probably means that you’ll need to group several products together to create a strong lookalike audience – although not if you have at least 1,000 purchasers of the product.
When using a product-specific audience, creative should be specific to the product.
Any other killer tips for lookalike audiences? Let us know in the comments!

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