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Thus said Julie Sun, a mentor I trust dearly.

Facebook is the blind men and the elephant, a PR machine, a social complaints box – you name it. But the most powerful way to look at it – and to use it – is as the social postmaster.

Ads are the social postage you need to send messages to your fans. You pay Vertical Response, ExactTarget, Constant Contact, or whomever to deliver your email. So why not pay Facebook to deliver your social mail?

Add up the full costs of running your email program, and Facebook will likely be cheaper. You still have opens, reach, clicks, cost per click, conversion rate, and the like.

And you’d still want to personalize your social email just like you segment (hopefully) in email, right?

So, if you’re advertising on Facebook, are you taking advantage of these things?

– Landing pages from your website, placed on your Facebook page as an iFrame app via tools like Heyo.

– Dropping in remarketing pixels on your Facebook tabs so that you can follow these folks around on the web – or even within Facebook via FBX.

– Testing your best email subject lines and content to see how they work in Facebook posts.

– Evaluating how much revenue Facebook is driving via multi-funnel reporting (free in Google Analytics).

– Custom audience targeting, where you upload your email list to match on Facebook via Facebook’s Power Editor (free).

facebook custom audiences

If you’re not doing this, you may be guilty of inadvertent spamming – which is not a fine-grained personalization of your messages.

spam facebook

We just did a test where we uploaded our most passionate real-world fans to Facebook and got 40% CTRs. Not 0.040%, which is the average on Facebook. I’m saying nearly half of everyone who saw the ad (an organic post we paid to promote) was clicking on it.

How has applying email-like techniques improved your relevancy, CTR, and ROI?

If not, do you have questions on how to get this going for your company?