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In advance of the Facebook Q4 Earnings Report, we compiled data from our own coffers to share with advertisers everywhere.


Here are four pieces of Facebook advertising data we got from analyzing a sample of our client accounts in Q4 2015:

  • Instagram (rolled out to all advertisers) has cheaper clicks than Facebook, but every other metric is lagging.
  • The new lead gen ad performed far, far better on mobile than on desktop.
  • Spend was up 247% year over year, thanks to more demand (rising costs) and advertisers pumping more money into the high-performing channel.
  • Higher competition, you say? CPCs were up 94% from the previous quarter.

We go into a ton of detail on these and other insights in our Q1 2016 Facebook Advertising Report, which also covers new developments (Slideshow!) that marketers should keep a close eye on. The report is available for free download here thanks to Director of Social Brad O’Brien and his team.

Enjoy – and make sure you’re reading the report with an eye on putting budget where it will go to optimal use.