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I’m in the process of doing a major campaign launch for a new client, and as I’m working through the new setup, I am reminded again about how important precise Geobidding is for optimum campaign success.

Japan is one of our campaign targets, and when we pull the Geo data for Japan at the city level, we see the following:


With Tokyo generating 80% of the total Conversion Volume, one could take the easy way out and segment “Tokyo” and “Other”, or at most, “Tokyo” + several other cities segmented out of the whole.

Most PPC account managers would segment at the city level.  That would be an extremely suboptimum choice.

Let us instead look at the Geodata using the “Most Specific Location” as the geographic focal point.


I don’t pretend to know anything about Japanese geography.  I’m guessing many of these listings are segments of Greater Tokyo.  Whatever or wherever they are, they give us many additional diverse geographic subsets with strongly divergent CPA totals, from which an extremely detailed Geobidding strategy can be constructed to the benefit of account performance.


It’s so very easy to greatly increase the Geobidding efficiency of your account using extremely precise Geosegments.  Not implementing this strategy could…cut…deeply…into your account performance.