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Enhanced Campaigns are the law in AdWords starting today. They’ve got plenty of well covered quirks, but ultimately they give advertisers more flexibility over how they bid in their AdWords auctions and how their ads appear to the user.

Here are some quick optimization tips for the launch (if you need some handy migration tips, we’ve got those covered).

Location-based strategies

Location multipliers allow advertisers to create locally based bid strategies. You can consider layering or replacing hour-of-day bidding strategies with geographic ones. An example of this strategy is bidding on individual countries instead of hour-of-day in non-specific geographic campaigns like “rest of world.” This geo-bidding strategy can play an important role in CPA management by directing volume towards locales that work while keeping CPA manageable in others. Although I don’t think that this will reduce the need for specific geo-targeted campaigns, it can make small- and medium-sized markets easier to manage.

Device-based strategies

The mobile multiplier allows advertisers to set mobile bids as a percentage of their desktop bid. If you were previously running mobile campaigns, a simple way of setting an initial mobile multiplier is by setting it to the ratio of desktop to mobile CPA. A $10 mobile CPA and $5 desktop CPA yields a -50% mobile bid multiplier. Google, by the way, advocates a revenue-per-click approach.

Besides the mobile multiplier, there are additional targeting capabilities that advertisers should consider. Device targeting remains the same post-EC, and it will still be possible to create mobile-specific or tablet-specific campaigns by selecting specific from the advanced targeting list. You can create a desktop-only counterpart by creating a new campaign with a -100% mobile multiplier. Also, Google will also make existing ad extensions device-specific.

Enhanced campaigns will give advertisers the option of running a mobile-specific ad. It is useful to have these ads even if you plan on using the same copy ask desktop ads in the near term. Testing mobile ad copy should always be a part of a regular testing schedule. I have experienced several instances where inserting mobile language into my ads caused it to perform worse than my desktop ads.