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Dynamic remarketing results are in – and they’re good

Published: October 16, 2013

Author: Dan Hilbert

Late last June, Google announced the launch of Dynamic Remarketing for all ecommerce clients with a live product feed in the Google Merchant Center. Considering I am currently managing a number of ecommerce accounts, this was very exciting news.
I instantly thought of one of my clients that could benefit greatly from this. They offer thousands of products in a wide variety of categories, so creating banners to remarket to users who landed on specific products or product categories had proven to be extremely difficult.  This particular client has a very large product feed, and our product listing ads are one of the main drivers of conversions for the account. Return for our PLAs is outstanding, so using the current product feed to remarket to users sounded like a great opportunity.
But does it really work? Let’s dive in.
Dynamic Remarketing Greatness
The results:
When it came time to put dynamic remarketing to the test, I created a couple of templates, decided on the best one, and ran with it. I wanted to compare the results directly against our standard remarketing campaign, with both CTR and CVR being the main focus of the comparison.
As weeks passed and data accrued, we started seeing some large differences in standard vs. dynamic remarketing results.
After two months, we pulled the data to compare deltas between the remarketing campaigns. Overall, dynamic remarketing blew the standard remarketing out of the water! There was a 23% increase in CTR and a 43% increase in CVR. With these improvements, we ended up reducing our CPA by 26% and started crushing our ROAS goals. The results were amazing, showing the potential dynamic remarketing has to provide some significant gains in an account.
So what’s next? Test, test, test!
As search engine marketers, we should constantly be testing our creatives. The great thing about dynamic remarketing is the wide variety of options available to instantly customize banners. These options make the opportunity to test nearly endless:
What’s the impact of including price vs. not including price? Titles vs. no titles? What’s the best headline? Which CTA works best? How effective are different promotions? Test your landing pages – what works, and what doesn’t?
Whatever your testing tells you, you can implement your findings simply by editing your current template, so take advantage of it!
Without the feed, you have no campaign – so keep it optimized.
Keep in mind, dynamic remarketing is pulling data directly from the product feed, so you need to optimize the feed as diligently as you optimize your campaign. If the product feed goes dark, so will the dynamic remarketing campaign.
Constantly check the merchant center for product errors; make sure 100% of your feed is live at all times. Try shortening up your product titles, keeping them under 25 characters so they aren’t being truncated on the banners. Upload high-quality images; write descriptions that highlight the product features. All of these things will have an impact on both your PLA and dynamic remarketing campaigns, so don’t forget about them.
If you haven’t yet set up a dynamic remarketing campaign, here’s your guide. If you get on it now, you’ll be sure to make your clients happy when the holiday numbers roll in. Good luck!

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