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Don't Neglect Facebook Desktop Ads on Your Rush to Go Mobile

Published: November 2, 2012

Author: Clark Sioson


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Yup, they’re all the rage. But don’t forget desktop.

Over the last few months, Facebook has been ramping up their Mobile initiatives. According to a recent Forbes article, Facebook’s mobile platform’s revenue contribution went from 0% to 14% in a span of six months.
Many marketers, including myself, are exploring the options that these new mobile ad units have to offer. That 14% revenue number is not surprising as these mobile offerings are being released at an incredible rate. Facebook introduced app installs in the mobile news feed. Sponsored Stories and Promoted Posts in the mobile news feed now allow non-fans to be targeted for ads. Another ad unit, Facebook Offers, which provides users the opportunity to claim discounts and promotions in the news feed, is now also available on mobile.
As more and more people use the Facebook application through their mobile phones as opposed to their PCs or laptops, it makes perfect sense for Facebook to allocate more of their resources to mobile.
What doesn’t make sense, however, is the attitude that some marketers and most Facebook representatives project: that the Facebook desktop ad is dead.
Facebook mobile is the new frontier and will be the dominant format to place ads in the future, but there are still millions upon millions of users who use their desktops regularly.
Think about your targets. B2B for instance, your target audience may be more likely to be Facebooking on an office computer than on an Android or iPhone.
Test both placements against each other, Mobile vs. desktop; the answer isn’t always black or white. In some instances, there will be a clear winner; in others, both targets will work.
The best practices for standard desktop ads still apply: variety is key; select eye-catching images that are relevant to your message; apply straightforward ad text that ends with a strong call to action.
The bottom line is mobile will be the gold standard someday, but while Facebook works out the kinks and identifies which mobile ads are worth investing budget in, don’t forget about old faithful: the standard desktop Facebook ad.
– Clark Sioson

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