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Search engine results pages (SERPs) are a combination of organic listings and paid advertising vying for your attention. A user is only going to click on one or the other, so it’s natural for SEO and PPC to seem at odds. However, when put together, they become much greater than the sum of the individual parts. Google’s Quantitative Management team has concluded that: “89% of traffic generated by search ads is not replaced by organic clicks when ads are paused”. That’s a huge amount of traffic to miss out on!

It’s easy to think of these as two entirely separate strategies when, in reality, they can be used to complement each other. Although organic search accounts for a majority of visits to web pages, SEO takes a lot of time and resources, and companies may get frustrated by the lack of overnight results. That’s where PPC comes in. Not only does it give you indication on what keywords you should be using in your SEO strategy, it gives you the control and immediacy that SEO lacks.


Make the Most of PPC Ad Space


Let’s take the extremely competitive market of televisions. In this example, TheSource dominates the SERP, even though they may never be able to outrank brands like Walmart and Samsung in organic search.


TheSource has used Google Shopping campaigns to put their products directly in front of potential buyers. More impressively, they’ve easily outdone Walmart using ad extensions, with their ad taking up over double the SERP real estate of the Walmart ad.


Ad extensions are useful in bulking up your pay-per-click ad. Be sure to make the most of the following tools:

-Sitelink extensions and sitelink descriptions – Adding links to other pages within the site with a description of each link attached


-Location extensions – Adding an address


-Call extensions – Adding a phone number


-Review extensions – Adding review information to your ad.


Capturing all the area you can in the SERPs is key to gaining traffic, and combining PPC and SEO is a great way to do this. Regardless of whether you rank first organically, PPC is a wonderful tool for making your name the most prominent on the page.