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Do you manage a Facebook Page? If so, you are probably going to see your Page likes start to drop in the near future. Facebook is purging Pages of likes that come from memorialized or deactivated accounts. This means that if someone was actively using their Facebook account and liked your Page, and has since deactivated their account, they will no longer be counted towards your Page likes.

Initially, Page Owners may be upset by this change. After all, some people do judge social success based on the number of likes your Page has (this is not what I recommend, but it is what some people do). In reality, though, this is a great move! Everyone should be taking advantage of Facebook’s Audience Insights. This allows us to look at the composition of those who have liked our Page.

When a Page has inactive and memorialized accounts, the data shown in Audience Insights is less likely to be accurate. A Page manager should make decisions based on who is engaging with their content, not who has liked their Page. By ridding your Page of memorialized accounts, Facebook is making it even easier to do that.