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Custom Audiences from Your Mobile App: An Upgraded Version     

Published: May 21, 2014

Author: Anna File

Since October 2013, when Facebook launched options for retargeting users based on actions taken within mobile apps, marketers have found creative ways to understand in-app user behavior and translate those actions into targeted marketing campaigns. This new tool delivers a powerful key to unlocking user behavior and influencing future purchases
As marketers and as consumers, we are all familiar with the countless statistics touting the importance of mobile and the rates at which users are increasingly checking email and social platforms as well as making frequent purchases on their mobile devices. Within the Facebook platform, options for targeting audiences based on user behavior have become increasingly robust, and paired with the rise of mobile it was only a matter of time before mobile behavior was factored into these increasingly granular level targeting options.
When using Custom Audiences for mobile apps, marketers have multiple standard actions with which to create audience groups. Some of the most common usages include categorizing users who have recently opened an app, abandoned cart, or completed a registration, a purchase, or a certain level in a game. Understanding which potential customers fall into each of these categories allows marketers to target them in a much more relevant way – for example, encouraging users who have abandoned a cart to come back and purchase with a 10%-off discount, or targeting users who completed a registration by prompting them with an immediate welcome message.
Used in conjunction with “Call-to-Action” buttons within a Facebook ad, marketers can immediately serve a user with the option to Shop Now, Book Now, Sign Up, Learn More, or Download to enhance the effectiveness of an ad.
The process to set up a mobile app Custom Audience requires first registering your app within Facebook and choosing the actions you want to target.  Once you have identified the parameters you’d like to measure against, you can begin collecting data, organizing your custom audiences, and serving mobile app engagement ads.
While mobile app Custom Audiences aren’t currently available through Facebook, at Blueye our software allows for them to be created with an even more robust level of actionable data connected to each individual user, rather than to an overarching audience group. Blueye also provides the option for exporting each Custom Audience list to CSV or into an email marketing program to provide yet another touch point for reaching new and existing users.
However you choose to pursue your mobile Custom Audience creation, get out there and get experimenting! Marketers will see benefits regardless of company size or industry. Finally see your mobile data in a way that’s easy to understand and even easier to act on.

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