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We’re all in agreement that we should periodically dive into our search queries and negative-match irrelevant queries.  We’re also in agreement that the same should be done for irrelevant websites for your GDN campaigns.

Well, one thing I’ve noticed is the large number of Mobile App placements that keep appearing in my campaigns.  They don’t convert very well, if at all, and are basically just wasting money.

mobile app placements

Here’s a neat little trick to completely remove these from your GDN campaigns.  There are 2 ways to exclude them.

Method #1: negative out “” in the shared library under “campaign placement exclusions”.

method 1

Method #2:  Within the “Display Network” tab, navigate to the “placements” tab and add “” as a campaign-level exclusion.

method 2

It’s extremely easy, and after I did this, I didn’t get any more Mobile App placements. Enjoy!

no more mobile!

Now that these pesky Mobile Apps: are gone, we can focus on other ways to make our GDN campaigns work better.