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I guess I should take it as a compliment that this blog is increasingly being hit by comment spammers looking for “link juice” by writing a lame comment followed by a link to an equally lame Web site.

Over the last few days, I’ve gotten some pretty bad attempts at comment spam. First, my recent article about – the travel Web site – received a comment with instructions on how to properly use a paddle in a kayak, followed by a link to an Internet marketing Web site. I guess if you build a semantic search comment spam tool, you run into this sort of problem.

Then today I received two comments in a row from an anonymous spammer. He gave a link to a safe search Web site, which basically sanitizes the Web for young kids. Apparently, however, the first time he attempt to spam me, it didn’t work. He then added this nice comment: “what the hell happened to the message i typed? shit!” Maybe he needs to start using that safe search site a little more to learn what is and is not appropriate language for a comment!