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Last year I wrote about the different paths taken by FaceBook and and how Classmates’ decision to charge consumers up front may have ended up costing them the market that FaceBook now dominates.

Today I received an email from Classmates with the subject line “Classmates Has Big News, David.” I assumed that this would be the announcement that Classmates had finally abandoned their subscription fee and adopted the FaceBook ‘monetize with advertising’ model. Alas, old habits die hard. Here’s the email’s contents:

That’s right – it’s a FaceBook-style news feed and friend finder, but you still have to pay for it. And of course the number of people you know on Classmates at this point is probably about 1/10th the number you know on FaceBook. Less features and less friends – and you get to pay for it. While I often like the idea that “less is more”, it doesn’t apply in this case.