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Check your vacation anxiety at the gate

Published: June 6, 2012

Author: Sean Marshall

Don’t take this with you. (Image credit: Flickr.com)

A wise man once told me that the effectiveness of a manager can be measured by looking at the team’s effectiveness when he/she isn’t around. The theory being, if you disappear for a few days (or quit), your team shouldn’t fall apart.
Well, like many of you will do in the summer months, I’m leaving on an extended vacation, and I couldn’t be more nervous. My nervousness is largely due to the rapidly evolving nature of our business. It is an amazing time to be a digital marketer, and as PPC Associates strives to stay on the cutting edge, things are moving quickly. Between new services and new customers, there’s a lot happening, and I wonder if there’s ever a “good” time to leave.
Our services team is strong. We have been very fortunate to find amazing account managers, and while I like to think I bring value to the mix, they – along with our account associates and coordinators – are the engine that drives our company.
Knowing this you might ask – why so nervous?
Ultimately, it comes down to accountability. The buck stops with management, and if things don’t go right, the blame is the manager’s to take. If the manager isn’t there, who takes the blame? (Answer: it’s still the manager, assuming he/she has taken part in the hiring process that brought in goof-off employees!) While many might welcome managerial responsibility, I can promise taking blame isn’t the most attractive part of the job description.
Before you fire up the violins, remember that this nervousness stems from going on a vacation. I’m still going to have a great time, see new countries, and enjoy myself.
What I really want you to think about is your value and contributions to your organization. Don’t over-estimate your value, and, above all else, trust your colleagues to get the job done. Have confidence in the people you work with (and manage), and if you did your job well, things should work out.
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