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Catch-Up Tips for the Holiday Week

Published: December 26, 2012

Author: Jaime Sikora

Buck up, lil’ SEM. There’s always work to do.
Like many SEMs, I will be working the week after Christmas. I personally enjoy freeing up the PTO to be used in more pleasant months (when I can’t see my breath outside).
Depending on your accounts, this can end up being a slow time best used for catching up. Here are some ideas for what to do in your accounts during this downtime. (We regularly do just about all of these, but this week, you can really dive in.)
Segment By Device
Some of us might have quite a few campaigns built out to target all devices, by default. Now is a good time to look over if some of these devices perform differently and if it would be valuable to create separate campaigns for separate devices, or perhaps ditch mobile all together. Haven’t tried mobile yet? The new year could be a great time to try new things, if it seems like it could benefit your account.
Day-Part and Review Geos
Again, this is another thing we do regularly. However, it is sometimes pushed aside for more important tasks like building out new campaigns and adjusting bids. Now is a good time to look if one major metro is not converting or really driving up CPA. If there are any top performers, it could be good to break them out into a separate campaign. If any campaigns should be restructured based on these findings, now is a good time to do so.
Similarly, if certain hours of the day or days of the week perform better, it could be a good time to go in and experiment with the budget percentage.
Organize Your Inbox
You probably have a ton of old pointless reminders about task and meetings that have come and gone. You probably have personal emails from friends about meeting up for a lunch around three months ago. Time to clear those out.
Did you know Gmail offers labels? Do you use them?  I don’t…YET. I will soon. And you should too.
Check for and Fix Editorial Disapprovals
This is obviously something we do all the time, but sometime it’s easy to notice a low-volume keyword with some kind of red flag from Google or Bing and focus on other issues. Now is a good time to clear out those silly little red flags. Perhaps there’s a chance you’ll have to listen to fewer minutes of Google hold music this week. Seize the day!
Brainstorm Opportunities on Other Platforms
Again, we’re always doing this, but with a new year comes the opportunity to try new things. Can any of your accounts benefit from display opportunities? Facebook? Sponsored Story Likes? Sponsored Story Posts? YouTube? Sponsored Tweets? Now is the time to really think it over.
Audit Your Negatives
If you’re like me, it’s easy to dump negative keywords and placements into your account, then keep on going forward and forget about them. However, all accounts change over time.
Perhaps your client has expanded its offering and now one of your negative keywords is blocking something that could potentially convert. Additionally, the content of websites changes over time. It never hurts to look over your negs on all fronts and red-flag anything questionable.
Experiment with Languages
There are many people in the US who speak more than one language. Perhaps now is a time to try out new campaigns that target another language specifically. They might end up being low volume; they might end up picking up an additional conversion. You never know. (Something to think about for the new year.)
Brainstorm Ad Copy
With the new year, it’s a good time to think of new ideas to test against long-time winners – especially on the display and remarketing side, where it’s easy to leave a successful ad in for a while and forget about it. Now is a good time for fresh ideas.
Does anyone else out there have some great catch-up ideas for the week of downtime?
– Jaime Sikora, Account Manager

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