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Something to keep in mind when taking over and/or optimizing display remarketing campaigns: by default, Google enables the setting for Targeting Optimization.


The pro: the feature effectively lets AdWords automatically find new customers by turning your remarketing campaign into a lookalike campaign.
The con: the feature also muddies the waters for you and your clients about the power and effectiveness of remarketing.
Is the tradeoff worth it? I’d recommend testing, of course, and coming to your own conclusions.
To review your settings, navigate to the Display Network tab, select the “+ targeting” button, select your ad group, and to go Targeting Optimization:
One more important note from one of my colleagues, Account Consigliere Todd Mintz:
As an FYI…I’ve layered “traditional retargeting” with an identical retargeting campaign with the conservative targeting option selected at a lower CPC (usually 50%), and that strategy has worked well for me.  I’ve tested the aggressive setting as well and that has not worked well for me.
What’s your experience been with Targeting Optimization? Would you recommend using it?