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I received a great email a few weeks ago from a comparison shopping engine. I had written to complain about a sudden (and unprofitable) increase in clicks reported on my internal reporting. I received the following response (emphasis added) which basically explains that I would only be charged $67 for $2242 of clicks:

Regarding November, we can see that your limit was initially set to $100. When you exceeded that limit, by $ 2242.47 which we can see from internal reports, you were deactivated by the tool. One of the protections afforded by the tool is that it “erases” click-surges from your account; you are not billed for these clicks. That’s why your reports may show only 234 clicks and $67 in costs.”

Ah, the good old click-surge. It’s not click fraud mind you, just an innocent click surge. Makes you sleep easy at night, doesn’t it?