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How to Bulk Upload Household Income Targeting

Published: July 9, 2014

Author: Bailey Lau

As you might have heard, Google released the ability to target by household income. And for those of you who have tried adding it to your campaigns, you may have realized it’s a very tedious task. Unfortunately, AdWords Editor does not have the ability to bulk upload HHI targets. Here’s a quick way to bulk-upload your HHI targeting (keep in mind this is assuming you want to upload the same targets across each campaign):

Step 1

Add your HHI targeting in one campaign. This process is very similar to uploading day-parting in bulk: you have to manually add the targeting in one campaign and then copy the settings to the other campaigns. (Read more on how to add HHI targeting here.)

Step 2

In the settings tab (make sure you’re in “All Settings” viewing all campaigns), select the campaign with your HHI targeting and all the campaigns you want to copy to. Once you have them selected, click the Edit button.
all online campaigns

Step 3

Hover over the campaign that has the targeting and you will see a little icon pop up next to the locations. When you click this button, it will copy the location targeting across all campaigns you have selected.
copy location

Step 4

Save and start collecting data!
And that’s it! Pretty simple, and our data shows that HHI is well worth utilizing. Good luck, and drop a comment to let us know what kind of results you’re seeing.

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