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After doing a day-of-week test, we discovered that some ad scheduling was needed on a rather large account.  This overarching account is made up of many accounts in an MCC.  Nearly all of these accounts have several campaigns within them.  Contemplating on how an ad schedule will be implemented was the order of the day.

I discovered that through the AdWords UI that you can only create 1 schedule per campaign.  No way was I going to spend the next several days completing this task!  “There has to be an easier/faster way,” I thought.

Luckily, there is!

I found this video on YouTube (hat tip to Straightforward Interactive) and learned how to use AdWords Editor to make this painstaking project go just a little bit faster.  In case you don’t want to watch the video, here are screenshots.

1. Create your first ad schedule in the UI (You only need to do 1 campaign):

ad schedule

2. Wait for it show up in AWE (you’ll know it’s there when you see something other than “None” in the ad schedule column).

None edit

3. Hover over the campaign with the new ad schedule to see if it’s correct.

new ad schedule

4. Right-Click and copy.


5. Highlight the campaigns that you want to apply the schedule to.

highlight the campaigns

6. Then paste it only in “Edit Selected Campaigns” – ad schedule section.

edit selected campaigns

7. And done!


The great thing is that you only have to copy this schedule 1 time and can paste across different accounts, whether they’re within the MCC or not.  Now a project that would have taken days to complete will only take a few hours!