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So you have a bunch of keywords that you want to write ads for. In general, it is a best practice to try and create ads that are specific to your keyword, especially for an Alpha campaign. Users will see a specific ad that is tailored to their search and you get that added bonus of having your keywords bolded in the ad. Template text + keyword = ad text. A customized ad. Pretty easy right? After using the template method build after build, I’ve found 3 different ways to quickly build ads that range from fast, faster, and fastest:

1. Fast: Concatenate

Concatenate is a great formula that is designed to combine a bunch of stuff so you don’t have to type it all in. For example, if I want to use concatenate for an ad text that I want to build, I would use =CONCATENATE(“Free Shipping on “,”Basketball Shoes”) to create the ad text “Free Shipping on Basketball Shoes”. Something to be careful of is to make sure you have spaces in between your tokens. If you are adding 2 cells, you would need to use =CONCATENATE(K2,” “,M2”) to ensure that there is a space in between.


2. Faster: & instead of concatenate

The next technique I learned was to use an & instead of concatenate. This cuts out the 3 seconds it takes to type out concatenate. Not a whole lot in the short run, but it involves less typing (and carpal tunnel is something we should all try and avoid). Basically, the ampersand works the same way as concatenate, only you don’t need to type in an equation. All you need is an equals sign to make it a formula and to use the ampersand to separate the cells/text.


3. Fastest: ASAP Utilities

If you don’t have ASAP Utilities installed in your Excel, you need to download it right now. It’s a huuuuge time saver and can do a lot of things. In terms of process for the other two methods, after you enter in the formula, you have to drop down the formula to apply to the rest of the build and then copy and paste as values to get rid of the formulas. ASAP Utilities will help you speed up the whole process by cutting the process down to a few clicks. First, go into ASAP Utilities, select Text, and click into “Insert before and/or after each cell in your selection. Then enter in your template text before (or after) your selected keywords. Hit OK and you’re good to go!

asap 1 asap_2