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What do you do after you launch a site like MySpace – one of the most popular sites in the known universe? If it was me, I’d probably buy a fishing resort in Alaska and focus on my casting. Brett Brewer, however, decided to go right back to work, becoming CEO of AdKnowledge. I’ve loved AdKnowledge for years – in fact, when I worked at Adteractive, I told my PPC team to never talk abotu AdKnowledge outside the company, because the quality and quantity were just too good to let slip out!

AdKnowledge works by dynamically serving PPC ads within targeted emails. The advertiser paying the most at the time an email is opened gets their ad showing up. It’s really a revolutionary concept, and the Company’s exponential growth is evidence that advertisers are joining the bandwagon.
Brett is speaking on The State of Contextual Advertising at CRS NYC on Nov 5 – sign up now and hear his perspective on contextual marketing first hand!