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Today, Google announced its plan to continue tightening up privacy around search query data. SSL, or secured sessions, will be applied to paid search data. This change, according to Google, will remove the query from the referrer on ad clicks originating from SSL searches on Here are a few quick bullet points to summarize what is and isn’t changing:

– 3rd-party platforms will no longer receive search query data

– Dynamic content generated by URL parameters will no longer work without SQ data

– Function of Valuetrack parameters shouldn’t be altered

– Search query information WILL still be available within AdWords

You may not feel the impact of this change greatly if you keep your search query analysis within the AdWords interface. But if you use a 3rd-party tool to manage your campaigns, and search queries are analyzed within that platform, you’re going to have to make a change.

Call me crazy, but could this be an impetus toward the upcoming announcement on April 22? What could removing search query data in paid search foreshadow for the future? I guess we’ll find out. They may be completely unrelated. But I doubt it.