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Last week, I was a conference where the keynote speaker droned on about how we should all be boosting posts. I’d call her a quack for this tip and a few other doozies. But back to boosted posts…


I’d boost posts about as often as I’d boost cars.



Or buy a phone from Boost Mobile– I have Verizon, by the way.


Boost Phone

Or sit in a booster seat at Denny’s.


Booster Seat

Because boosting posts is the CRACK of Facebook advertising.

It’s so easy to hit boost right from the timeline.

No need to target, and it drives a lot of engagement (if you don’t mind Pakistani likes).

Do you remember “promoted posts”– the earlier name of “boosted posts”?

This was the ValueJet who changed their name to AirTran.


There’s no shortcut to properly targeting, unless you have so much money you can afford to waste it, or perhaps it’s not your money.

Good advertisers don’t boost posts.

In 60 minutes, you can learn to do it right.

And for $5 a day you can be a Facebook ninja.

Do you also hear people still advocating boosted posts?